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Tips for Getting a Fantastic Wax

Tips for Getting a Fantastic Wax

When you go in for your waxing appointment, you want to leave with wow-worthy results. With these six tips, you can get the most fantastic wax — and the best experience — possible.
Dec 1st, 2021
Benefits of a Collagen Induction Facial

Benefits of a Collagen Induction Facial

If you want smoother, younger-looking skin, you need a healthy network of collagen. Fortunately, the right facial can trigger collagen production, delivering impressive results.
Nov 14th, 2021
Two Nonsurgical Body-Sculpting Treatments

Two Nonsurgical Body-Sculpting Treatments

You don’t need to get lipo or another invasive procedure to move toward your body goals. With these nonsurgical body-sculpting treatments, you can look your best with comfortable, convenient options.
Oct 11th, 2021

Are Fillers Safe?

Dermal fillers give you the opportunity to turn back the clock, restoring youthful smoothness and contour to your face. But are they safe? Find out here.
Jul 15th, 2021

Our Full Line of Male Aesthetic Services

It’s generally easier for women to get the cosmetic care they want, but it’s time to change that. Here is the robust offering of male aesthetic services conveniently available to you.
Apr 18th, 2021

Fillers vs. Botox: Which Is Right for You?

If you want a quick-and-easy way to turn back the clock, Botox® and fillers deliver. But they each work differently, and you need to understand the distinctions to choose the best treatment.
Mar 12th, 2021

How Our Hormone Optimization Program Can Help You

The hormonal changes that come with age negatively affect far too many men and women. With hormone optimization, you can avoid many of the unwanted physical and mental changes that come with menopause.
Feb 15th, 2021

What Is Vaginal Revitalization?

If you’re ready to reclaim your sexual health after childbirth or menopause, consider vaginal revitalization. This noninvasive, no-downtime treatment can reduce dryness, laxity, and more.
Jan 12th, 2021

3 Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

You’re not stuck with unwanted hair. Whether you want a quick and convenient short-term solution or a way to permanently get rid of hair, here are three options to consider.
Dec 8th, 2020

Which VI Peel Is Right for You?

If you want the dramatic, skin-rejuvenating results of a peel with less discomfort and downtime, consider a VI Peel®. Use this guide to explore your options.
Nov 5th, 2020

I'm a Man. What are my Options for Aesthetic Improvement?

More men than ever have discovered the benefits of aesthetic treatments. Our team put together this guide to help you understand men’s aesthetics and the different ways it can improve your appearance. Read on to learn more!
Oct 1st, 2020

Look Your Very Best Year-Round With Our Membership Programs

There’s nothing like that feeling after an aesthetic treatment, when you look and feel revitalized. Eventually, however, the results — and your self-esteem — begin to fade. Learn how to keep your looks and your confidence going strong all year long.
Sep 11th, 2020

Why Everyone is Talking About the HydraFacial

Looking for an incredible facial that provides nourishment for your skin, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, takes just 30 minutes, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin? Check out HydraFacial® and what it can do for your complexion.
Mar 11th, 2020

Laser Hair Removal: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Tired of the hassle of body hair maintenance? Ready to be done with shaving, waxing, and plucking? After only a few sessions of laser hair removal treatment, you might wonder why you waited to get rid of your unwanted body hair for good.
Feb 11th, 2020