How Body Sculpting Can Make Your Stubborn Fat Cells Disappear

How Body Sculpting Can Make Your Stubborn Fat Cells Disappear

Because each body holds weight differently, there’s no surefire way to get the ideal body shape. Some people struggle with thicker thighs, while others can’t seem to get rid of excess weight around their abdomen. Even though you might try specific exercises to target those areas, you may be stuck with stubborn fat cells that just won’t budge no matter how much weight you lose.

Fortunately, body sculpting can come to the rescue. With truSculpt® iD, Dawn Woods, ARNP, and our team at Revive Medical Aesthetics can directly address those problem areas for you. Plus, this noninvasive, no-downtime treatment is available right here at our medical spa in Longview, Washington. 

How does body sculpting work? Let’s take a look. 

Understanding body sculpting

Body sculpting can do what spot reduction can’t. Unfortunately, no specific exercise or diet allows you to treat fat cells in one individual part of your body. That can be particularly frustrating if you’ve made progress toward your weight goals but you have stubborn fat hanging on in one particular area.

Enter: body sculpting. Treatment with truSculpt iD uses monopolar radiofrequency technology to reach safety through your skin and target unwanted fat cells. The device focuses that radiofrequency energy into your fat cells, heating them to the point that some of the cells are destroyed. 

Over the coming weeks, your body flushes out the damaged cells, leaving you with a more sculpted physique and noticeably fewer fat cells in the treated area. In fact, people who choose truSculpt iD typically see a 24% reduction in fat cells in the treated area with just one treatment. 

What’s more, this type of body sculpting is versatile. Our Revive Medical Aesthetics team can use it to reduce fat on your:

In short, body sculpting gives you an effective way to make stubborn fat cells disappear from any of your problem areas. 

What to expect with body sculpting

Most patients tell us that truSculpt iD feels like a hot stone massage. Most treatment areas take just 15-30 minutes, and people usually achieve their body goals in just one session. If you want even more dramatic results, we can personalize a multi-session treatment plan for you. 

Body sculpting doesn’t work immediately. It takes time for your body to get rid of the treated fat cells. You should see your full results within about 12 weeks. 

The fat cells we treat during body sculpting are permanently destroyed. Provided you maintain your results with diet and exercise, they won’t come back.

Are you ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat cells? To get started with body sculpting, call us or email our spa to set up an appointment. 

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