Our Full Line of Male Aesthetic Services

Sure, we get it. Girls just want to have fun. But why should guys have to miss out on the good time? 

We think that looking and feeling your best shouldn’t be reserved for women. That’s why Dawn Woods, ARNP, and our dedicated team offer a full range of male aesthetic services at Revive Medical Aesthetics in Longview, Washington. We’ve tailored our menu of services to meet men’s needs and help them move closer to their appearance goals. 

If you’re curious to learn what aesthetic services can do for you, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick look at each of the tailored services we offer:

Botox® and fillers

You’re not stuck with the signs of aging you see creeping onto your face. With a quick, no-downtime injectable treatment with Botox, we can smooth dynamic wrinkles — frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. We also offer fillers to replace any facial volume you lose through the years. 

Cosmetic injectables like these have been skyrocketing in popularity with men. In fact, over the last two decades, the number of men choosing Botox has jumped by more than 300%. There’s a good reason for that: Botox and fillers give you an ultra-convenient way to keep the signs of aging at bay. 

Hair removal

Body hair is more acceptable for men than women — to an extent. But if you have hair somewhere you don’t want it, whether that’s on your back, between your eyebrows, on your feet and toes, or somewhere else, we can help.

We offer multiple hair-removal options. Waxing gives you quick results, while laser hair removal delivers permanently hair-free skin. 

Body sculpting

Don’t let pesky problem areas keep you from your ideal shape. With truSculpt® flex, we can increase muscle definition in targeted areas by triggering muscle contractions. These contractions are much like the ones you get working out — but much more impactful. With truSculpt flex, we can trigger a muscle mass growth of up to 30%.

We also offer truSculpt iD to melt away stubborn areas of fat with a noninvasive, no-downtime treatment.

Laser skin treatment

If you have cosmetic concerns like scars, blemishes, or skin laxity, ask us about laser treatment. With this groundbreaking aesthetic technology, we can trigger rejuvenation in your appearance, giving you clearer, smoother, more even skin. 

Clearly, you have options. To find out which male aesthetic services are right for you, don’t hesitate to call our team at Revive Medical Aesthetics or email our spa at frontdesk.revivewellness@gmail.com today.

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