Tips for Getting a Fantastic Wax

Tips for Getting a Fantastic Wax

There’s a reason that millions of Americans use professional waxing services. This quick, convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair works for even the most sensitive areas and can leave you with baby-smooth skin. But not all waxes are created equal.

To help you get the best results possible from your next wax, Dawn Woods, ARNP, and our Revive Medical Aesthetics team compiled our top tips. As waxing experts here in Longview, Washington, we know what it takes to get optimal outcomes from a hair-removal appointment. So, to help you get a fantastic wax, we recommend doing these six things: 

See a professional

For starters, a waxing expert can more easily access parts of your body than you can, which can be especially important along your bikini line.

At-home waxing also comes with its fair share of risks. You could burn yourself or cause an infection, for example. To get the best wax possible, it’s best to skip the home kits and make an appointment.

Get your hair the right length

We can’t wax hair that’s too short or too long. The ideal hair length is about a half-inch long, which is one to two weeks of growth for most people. If it’s longer than that, give the area a quick trim before you come in. 

Exfoliate and moisturize

The day before your appointment, exfoliate any areas you plan to wax. This clears away dead skin cells and smooths the area, allowing the wax to adhere to the hair properly. 

Come to your appointment with clean, moisturized skin. This will help us give you the best results with little to no skin irritation. 

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and exercise right before

All three of these things can make your skin more sensitive, heightening your discomfort during waxing. Stick with drinking water, and take it easy for a few hours before your appointment. 

Talk with us

If you’ve had a waxing appointment before, feel free to share anything you did or didn’t like about it. Our Revive Medical Aesthetics team can tailor the experience to you.

Additionally, if you have any skin sensitivity or certain areas that are problematic for you, share that information with us. The more we know, the better we can personalize your experience. 

Care for your skin afterward

For the first 24 hours, keep the waxed area cool, clean, and dry. That means skipping the jacuzzi or hot yoga class for a day. 

Instead, apply a gentle moisturizer and, if you’re prone to ingrown hairs, an aftercare product. Our team can recommend one for you if you’d like. 

A day after your appointment, you can get back to your regular routine. Exfoliating the area periodically can help to prevent ingrown hairs. 

If you have any questions about these tips or you’re ready to schedule your next waxing appointment, call our spa or email our team at Revive Medical Aesthetics today. 

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