Two Nonsurgical Body-Sculpting Treatments

Two Nonsurgical Body-Sculpting Treatments

For people looking to reach a specific body shape, things have changed. A half-century ago, your only options were to adjust your eating and exercise routines. But in the last several decades, options like liposuction showed that shedding fat could be accomplished more quickly and easily. 

Still, though, if you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure, you might think you need to do things the old-fashioned way. That’s not true. Thanks to the nonsurgical body-sculpting treatments Dawn Woods, ARNP, offers here at Revive Medical Aesthetics, you can shed fat and get a more toned physique with no downtime. 

Let’s take a look at the two body-sculpting options we offer at our office in Longview, Washington.

First, truSculpt® iD

If you want to get rid of fat cells in specific problem areas, truSculpt iD is for you. This body-sculpting option primarily targets fat on the abdomen and flanks. 

If that’s a problem area for you, we can use this leading-edge treatment to destroy fat cells in just 15 minutes with a process that feels like a hot stone massage. And truSculpt iD can help reduce fat cells in a treated area by as much as 24%

This treatment works by sending monopolar radiofrequency energy through your skin into the fat cells in the targeted area. The fat is heated to the point that the fat cell itself is destroyed. 

In the coming 12 weeks, your body flushes out the now-destroyed fat cells, leaving you with permanent results. 

Second, truSculpt® flex

If excess fat isn’t the main thing keeping you from your body goals, you’re probably looking for more muscle tone. You can skip the hours and hours in the gym and instead turn to truSculpt flex.

This treatment works to firm and strengthen muscles in your:

With this treatment, we use Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to trigger muscle contractions in a target area. Just like contracting those muscles through strength training builds them, truSculpt flex develops muscle tone. But it does so much more quickly than you could achieve on your own. 

Treatment takes just 45 minutes, and most people see a noticeable increase in muscle tone within four treatments spaced 48 hours apart.

Long story short, you don’t have to go under the knife to reach your body goals. And you also don’t have to put in months’ worth of work to lose fat and gain muscle tone. To learn what these convenient, no-downtime body-sculpting treatments can do for you, call us or email our spa to set up an appointment. 

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