Jane Iredale Makeup


Jane Iredale Makeup for Luxury's Sake.

Beauty for Everyone. ​

Jane Iredale Makeup is a brand that uplifts women. Through its mineral makeup and skincare products line, founder and CEO Jane Iredale hopes to make women feel more alive and more confident. A few facts about the company undergird the product quality, as the company culture goes hand in hand with the products they sell.


Jane Iredale is headquartered in western Massachusetts near abundant hills and breathtaking vistas that call women to the present moment. They sell their products in destinations as diverse as apothecaries and med spas, like Revive Medical Aesthetics in Longview, Washington.

The Jane Iredale Difference 

Jane Iredale is no ordinary mineral makeup and cosmetics line; they have earned accolades all throughout the beauty industry. One special recognition is their recommendation from the medical aesthetics community--notably dermatologists and plastic surgeons--as the number one makeup line in the US! The Skin Cancer Foundation recognizes seven of their SPF as effective SPF protection, an approval worth noting the next time you purchase a sunscreen. In addition, Jane Iredale has earned approval from PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program for not relying on animal testing. ECOCERT has praised their Hydration Sprays and their BeautyPrep Face Toner, awarding certifications in both Natural and Organic Cosmetic categories. Lastly, American Spa has designated Jane Iredale as the number one makeup line for the tenth year in a row!


What It All Means  

Our brand is not any cosmetic makeup brand. It contains ingredients that are safe for your skin. Whether you want to contour your way to a night on the town or wear light, natural look while you go to work and run to the grocery store, Jane Iredale protects your skin. Some brands, unfortunately, do more harm than good; that is, the ingredients get stuck in your pores or actually highlight any textural irregularities on your skin. When properly applied, Jane Iredale makeup allows your skin to breathe and healthily compliments the skin. We believe this brand is better than most over-the-counter cosmetics you might find precisely because of this reason—quality assurance. The risks that your makeup habit is harming your skin due to irritating ingredients have cast doubt on many of our makeup routines, but with this line, you can trust that you don’t have to ask twice.

Makeup Consultation

Do you struggle to find makeup that compliments your skin? Have you thrown out products before because you just thought makeup wasn’t for you? Fall back in love with makeup by seeing exactly how it can accentuate your facial features and bring out your natural beauty. We will guide you to select products that truly work for your skin, eyes and other features. During the consultation, we can discuss proper application techniques and any concerns you’ve had in the past when it comes to makeup, such as how a certain shade changes in lighting. Take it as an opportunity to hear from beauty experts and spoil yourself with the knowledge that you too can be on your A-game day in and day out. It’s like a much-needed therapy session.

Makeup Application

Perhaps your friend is throwing an extravagant turning-30 birthday party, or your mother is inviting all friends and family to her anniversary for a change. Whatever the occasion calls, you don’t have to succumb to thinking you’re doomed to look worse than anyone else. You don’t want to have an episode where you’re wondering how you ended up looking the way you did while everyone else looked exquisite, with their makeup, hair, done for even the simplest of events. Prepare for your special occasion with Revive Medical Aesthetics's fully customized makeup application. Our aestheticians will closely listen to your desired aesthetic and create that to an excellent degree. You’ll wonder why you don’t make a habit out of makeup applications.

Color Match

Have you always wondered how other people manage to find the perfect color match for their skin tone? Forget jealousy. You too can locate the perfect color match and ask yourself how and why you’ve put up with your concealer, foundation or powder for so long. Try applying your makeup in great lighting (ideally, that would be to the jawline in daylight) and see again if you’re still having trouble finding a true match. The goal is for the color to be invisible, blending seamlessly with the skin. Take the confusion out of it with Revive Wellness expertise.

Products We Offer at Revive Wellness & Medical Aesthetics

We offer a full line of Jane Iredale makeup. These are some of the makeup products we retail by area:


  • Mineral Foundations

  • Concealers

  • Primers

  • Oil Control Powders

  • Hydration Sprays​


  • Eye Shadows

  • Eyeliners

  • Mascaras

  • Brow Definers


  • Blushes

  • Bronzers

  • Highlighters


  • Lip Care

  • Lip Liners

  • Lip Colors 

What Can This Makeup Do For the Cosmetic-Savvy Consumers?

Jane Iredale Makeup is not just about glowing up on special occasions. Rather, it’s a way to feel more confident when skin is not in its best shape. You can use it to cover up acne and acne scars, camouflage port wine birthmarks and conceal rosacea or diffuse redness. Jane Iredale can make your skin look good on days where it’s not cooperating? Makeup has always been steadily relied on to cover up skin imperfections. But if you want to go into the skin to make changes from inside out, we recommend a few of our in-office procedures. From our microneedling to our Vi Peel, we offer several services that can decrease the signs of sun damage and aging. When it comes to managing existing skin conditions, our services like acne Hydrafacial and IPL do wonders in treating symptoms of rosacea, acne and other chronic conditions. Jane Iredale Makeup is a great tool in your beauty arsenal, but the full picture includes consistent skin maintenance and routinized care to ensure skin is in tip-top condition.

Bridal Makeup

We have years of experience in doing makeup for weddings. If you’re the bride-to-be and want outstanding service on your big day, call in to ask about our bridal makeup program.

Jane Iredale Makeup: Makeup for the Bold, the Brave, the Beautiful.

Help your skin and relish it in a beautiful appearance. Jane Iredale Makeup is available here at Revive Medical Aesthetics. Let us discuss proper application techniques, color matching, bridal makeup services and more when you schedule an appointment above. See you soon, lovelies! ♥