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Eyebrow Tinting 

Have you noticed patchy areas within your brows? Are you tired of utilizing cosmetic tools, such as eyebrow pencils, to fill in your brows each morning? At Revive Medical Aesthetics, we offer you the solution through our tinting services.

Today you can wake up with fuller, more defined eyebrows!

How is Tinting Done? 

The process ranges from 10-15 minutes, depending on the individual and the tint administered. A highly trained staff member will first discuss with you our different shades and types of dye, in order to develop a customized plan for your desired aesthetic goals. The targeted area will then be cleansed, the brows brushed, and the desired shape mapped out. A cream, such as Vaseline, may be applied as a barrier around the brows, in order to prevent staining on the skin from occurring. The dye will then be gently applied to the brows. The length of time the dye is left on the brows is dependent on the color and coarseness of the hair. Once the dye has taken effect, a cool damp cloth will be utilized to gently wipe the area and remove any excess dye and cream. Immediately after, your brows will pop with a darker hue and a definite shape! Our dye is gentle enough to cause no side effects, yet strong enough to tint even the finest hair. The results last up to 3-4 weeks, at which point the brows will then begin to fade to their original color. Clients may opt to receive another tinting session during this time, in order to maintain maximum results.

What are the benefits of tinting?

With tinting, individuals can expect to receive an array of benefits including:

  • A Bolder, More Defined Look

​This is just one of the benefits of an eyebrow tint. Your eyebrows may look healthier, stronger and groomed following an eyelash tinting service.​​

  • Fill in Sparse, Patchy Areas

Patches may occur due to various factors such as age, a poor diet, and brows which are light in color. Tinting provides a method for filling in these patches, without causing damage to the hair.

  • Non-Permanent

Tinting provides a great alternative to individuals who do not wish to take the route of more permanent treatment but still receive dramatic, long-lasting results. After a few weeks, the brows will naturally return to their original hue.

  • No More Stray White or Gray Hairs

Stray white and gray hairs will instantly receive a darker hue. The dye we utilize is safe and does not cause any harmful side effects.

  • Cut Down on Your daily Makeup Routine

An unspoken benefit is a time you will save on not drawing or highlighting your eyebrows every morning. With eyebrow tinting, you can wake up to fuller, more dramatic brows, all without the additional effort.

Additional benefits achieved with eyebrow tinting include:

  • Natural-looking Results

  • Quick, Pain-free treatment with No Downtime

  • Immediate results 

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If you would like to wake up to fuller, darker brows today then call or book your consultation today. Eyebrow tinting can safely deliver fuller, more defined brows, without the additional effort of applying makeup.

Disclaimer: Results for each patient will vary. Please remember that the information provided will not guarantee your eligibility for treatment. 



Brow cleanup wax/tint - $37
Brow shape/tint - $42
Brow henna shape/tint - $60
Henna brow tint - $45 
Brow tint - $20
Lash and brow tint - $39 
Lash and brow tint with wax - $50