Do you have a stubborn double chin? Are you tired of the fat framing your face, even after losing weight? Don’t get bent out of shape about it. Diet and exercise go a long way toward weight loss, but losing weight in stubborn areas like the chin is difficult. Try Kybella at Revive Medical Aesthetics. Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable that DISSOLVES your fat cells. No tricks here—science.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a prescription medicine that adults may use to diminish submental fullness or a fancy word for saying fat below the chin. Its main ingredient is deoxycholic acid, an organic compound from the body used to emulsify or break down fats.

When deoxycholic acid is injected into the chin area, fat begins to disintegrate. What this looks like cosmetically is a reduction in fat and a thinning of the chin. After Kybella, you may appear as if you have a more defined jawline. 

Is Kybella right for me?

You should not consider Kybella for treatment of the double chin if you are very overweight. This injectable is intended for adults that have modified their diet and exercise habits in an attempt to sustain a healthy weight. Kybella it is not a substitute for healthy practices. The benefits of a good diet and exercise outweigh potential cosmetic improvement.

You may disqualify for this treatment if you have had surgery on the face, neck or chin area. Bleeding problems, swallowing problems and cosmetic work in the area may also disqualify you. Contact us for more information.

What are the side effects of Kybella?

Serious side effects of Kybella are uncommon but must be disclosed. In rare cases, you may sustain nerve injury to the jaw, trouble swallowing or injection site ulcers or necrosis.  In most cases, you can expect mild swelling, numbness, hardness, and pain after treatment.* Our injectors are cautious and experienced. We will thoroughly review your health history and give you aftercare instructions, so you will be safe and informed.

What can Kybella do for me?

Kybella is indicated to improve the appearance of the chin by reducing fat. It can make you look skinnier and define your face better. The chin and jaw help support your facial structure. With excessive fat deposits in the chin, you risk losing definition. This can affect how people perceive you and certainly your self-image.

At Revive, we want you to love your appearance. We know it is not set in stone, because you are ever-evolving. You already make a lot of choices about how you present yourself. With this injectable, you can make fewer.

How many treatments will it take?

You may require multiple injections of Kybella over the course of a few treatments. But don’t worry; results won’t just disappear. If you sustain good eating and exercise habits, you can lengthen the time you can enjoy your results. 

If you gain weight again, your chin is safe. Kybella seriously undermines the potential for fat cells to form again in the injection site. This injectable is an investment in your image for years to come, if you choose to have multiple treatments. Even one treatment may reveal substantial change in the appearance of your chin!

*Prices start at $650