Microblading eyebrows is a form of semi-permanent makeup that creates natural, beautiful eyebrows with a handheld microblade. It’s perfect for people who have over-plucked or those who want to define, darken or reshape their eyebrows.

Microblading is a technique of making brow hair strokes by gently drawing a set of slightly curved needles through the epidermal and superficial dermal layer of the skin. The result? A fine line or scoring of the skin into which color is delivered by multiple needles being moved as they rotate through the skin in a slight curve.

How does microblading work?

This produces a very fine line that resembles real hair. Each individual hair stroke is hand-drawn by the artist and blended in with the client’s existing eyebrow hair. With a strong artist at the helm, the results can be gorgeous and very lifelike.

How do you make sure the color is right?

Sometimes a client’s skin undertones may have unexpected effects on the ink's color, and the artist may need to add color to adjust. These kinds of corrections are normal with any microblading artist and an essential part of the process, as everyone’s skin is different and receives ink differently.

How many treatments are required?

Microblading typically takes two appointments to complete. In the first appointment, the client is profiled and the eyebrows are drawn on with a waterproof pencil, so the artist and client can agree on the look. The artist then microblades the eyebrows and the client is ready to go back into the world. There is some mild scabbing and aftercare required, but your microblading should be completely healed in 30 days.

The second microblading appointment is a touch up at least 30 days after the first session. This allows enough time for the ink in the epidermis to naturally slough off, and the color to settle into your skin. In the touch-up appointment, the artist can see how your skin has received the ink and make any necessary corrections.

Is the treatment painful?

While pain varies from patient-to-patient, most patients find the procedure moderately comfortable and sometimes therapeutic. Avoiding caffeine the day of your procedure will help minimize pain!

Why is this eyebrow service so popular? 

Brow pencils, brushes, and other tools cost a lot of money, especially if you replace them as often as you should. Microblading, like laser hair removal, is an investment. Plus, you don't have to worry that your shape will come out poorly or not the specific way you want. Why? It fades over time. As your taste changes, you can adjust. More importantly, we spend a lot of time one-on-one to determine exactly what you are looking for, to minimize room for error.

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*Prices start at $475