Blue Peel Radiance


Blue Peel Radiance

The Vi Peel seems too rough. Or perhaps you're in love with Obagi Medical products and want to try a peel that is from the same company. Revive Medical Aesthetics is delighted to announce we offer a superficial salicylic acid-based chemical peel! The Blue Peel RADIANCE is a lightweight yet effective peel great for first-time users. Whether you suffer from acne, discoloration, rough skin or wrinkles, your skin tone and texture can improve following this esteemed treatment.

What makes Blue Peel RADIANCE effective


The main ingredient in Blue Peel RADIANCE is salicylic acid at a 20% concentration. Salicylic acid is a household name, often used in acne treatments. It is a beta hydroxy acid that is oil-soluble so it penetrates deeply into pores. Its main function is to exfoliate the skin and clean pores by breaking up clumped-up debris. Perhaps more importantly, salicylic acid has antibacterial properties, since acne results from the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. Thus, the peel may help prevent future acne and calm existing acne, especially through the anti-inflammatory role of the main ingredient!

Who should get Blue Peel RADIANCE?

If you have mild to moderate acne, modest photoaging and rough, uneven skin, treat them with a chemical peel! This peel can balance sebum production and reduce the appearance of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and any related spots. If you want a truly skin-lightening treatment, then we recommend Vi Peel instead. But Blue Peel is a great choice for people seeking a lighter peel! Anyone sensitive to salicylic acid or aspirin should abstain from treatment.

Why is an in-office Blue Peel important?

You don't want to buy a chemical peel online for several reasons. First, you will likely find the Blue Peel poorly advertised so you end up with a product that is near its shelf life. Second, only licensed medical professionals are authorized to perform this treatment, so buying from third-party retailers is unsafe. Third, you may not know how to properly apply the treatment, which can create massive irritation and potential damage to the skin. There is a threshold you don't want to cross with an acid-based treatment. Skin can only take so much intervention at once. 

Are you eager to get a treatment?

Blue Peel RADIANCE is the place to start, especially if you're new to cosmetic rejuvenation.

*Prices start at $137