Stemcell Facial


Eclipse PRP 

Eclipse Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is on the leading edge of non-surgical facelifts. Many patients who have chosen this miracle non-surgical facelift are still enjoying their amazing, natural results years later.

This is a collagen-stimulating facial treatment that promotes strength and density of skin creating a smoother, younger-looking outcome by using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. During the PRP facial process, we take a small sample of your blood, isolate the platelet-rich plasma, and inject it back into your face or any area of the body.

The platelets contain growth factors that stimulate collagen production and tissue regeneration to create smoother, younger-looking skin. PRP also enhances the effects of cosmetic fillers like JUVÉDERM®, creating volume in the face.

What is PRP?

PRP therapy has been used in medical specialties, such as joint therapy, for years. Recently, Stem Cell Facelift was developed. PRP with microneedling has been developed for cosmetic purposes.

Unipotent stem cells is an important term for the Stem Cell Face-lift Process. Unipotent stem cells, which grow only one specific tissue, can be found in every part of the body. For example, unipotent stem cells in the liver grow new liver tissue. Unipotent stem cells in the skin grow new skin.

How does PRP Work?

The medical professional will extract your blood and spin it in a centrifuge designed to isolate the platelet-rich plasmas (PRP), growth factors, stem cells, and white blood cells. After the sterile blood extraction, they will reapply the PRP to your desired treatment area. These healing components will begin to restore skin, treating the skin as if it's damaged (highly likely if you come in for cosmetic reasons since damage causes textural irregularities, sunspots and a host of problems). Over time, your skin will glow more and assume a healthier appearance!

What is PRP Useful For?

PRP can treat aged, photodamaged skin! To name a few potential benefits, it can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, restore volume through collagen growth and decrease skin laxity. PRP is also useful to treat hair loss or alopecia. Moreover, PRP is useful for a variety of people! Because it depends on extracting and reusing your own blood, PRP presents a very low, next-to-none risk for allergic reaction. This makes PRP a potentially safer alternative to dermal fillers, especially for people prone to severe allergic reactions.

Incredible Anti-Aging Therapy

Stemcell facelift is a non-surgical facelift that produces natural results with little to no downtime. It is truly a breakthrough anti-aging therapy! If you think the Stemcell facelift is right for you, contact us to schedule a free consultation. 

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